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Press Release: HAPPY’s Online Waiting List Service Securely Accepts a Record Number of Housing Applications

HAPPY Software’s Online Waiting List Service Securely Accepts a Record Number of Housing Applications

Saratoga Springs, NY – December 11, 2012 – HAPPY Software, Inc. announced statistical information regarding the collection of applications for federally assisted housing using their WaitListCheck™ online system.

In the last two months, HAPPY’s WaitListCheck system was used to open major waiting lists in Houston, Portland, Virginia Beach, and the Orlando area. Together, these Housing Authorities collected more than 120,000 applications online, including one opening that saw 45,000 applications collected in just one day – smashing a competing vendor’s published daily record of 8,800. Peak usage of the system saw sustained periods of use where more than 6,000 applications were taken hourly. To date, the company knows of no other system that has collected nearly as many applications per day, week, month or in total as the WaitListCheck system.

In the past, Housing Authorities in high demand areas who announced waiting list openings faced massive lines as needy families sought to complete applications at the agency’s offices. Typically, people would form lines hours and days before the actual opening, causing expensive and difficult crowd management issues and unnecessary difficulty for low-income families and the elderly. The online application collection system included in WaitListCheck allows for the orderly, 24/7 collection of applications and largely eliminates the cost, labor, and potential public safety concerns associated with traditional paper application taking. Michael Kelsch, Assistant Managing Director of the Houston Housing Authority indicated, “We took over 83,000 applications without a hitch. Many of our staff did not even know the waiting list was open, as there was no extra traffic at our offices.”

WaitListCheck also provides the ability for families who have completed the application process to check their progress on the web at or via an automated toll-free phone system. Currently more than 1 million families across the U.S. view status information about their application through this system, providing the opportunity for already burdened housing staff to focus on assisting families rather than answering status questions over the phone. Current usage of the system indicates that more than 5,500 families check their waiting list status each day, preserving countless federal dollars for more constructive use. Art Waller, Housing Programs Administrator at the City of Virginia Beach shared his enthusiasm about these savings, stating that, “WaitListCheck is the most economical way to establish and maintain the waiting list application process – and our clients love it!”

HAPPY Software, Inc. is a privately owned leading provider of software and consulting services to state and local government agencies administering federally funded housing programs. In business since 1997, the company has clients in 49 States and Puerto Rico. Additional information can be found at or by contacting 888-GT-HAPPY.