Working Together to Rebuild Communities

We are a reliable, economical and experienced partner in difficult times.  HAPPY was the choice of Agencies running the DHAP program in New Orleans, Houston, Memphis, New Jersey and the DHAP USA program, in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina, Ike and Sandy. In fact, more DHAP units have been administered in our system than all other systems combined.

Our easy-to use cloud-based systems let those administering recovery efforts stand-up systems in hours that quickly and easily collect, maintain, transform and report on the people and properties affected by natural disasters. Every system has integrated online portals, e-mail, letter, document and form production capabilities, management reporting and financial components built in, along with e-filing systems to electronically archive all of your files in one secure online repository. Simply put, we provide the back office that lets you be front and center helping those in need.

  • Proven record with disaster housing programs
  • Systems can be running in the cloud within hours
  • Easily collect information about displaced families with a custom online application
  • Automatically calculate disaster housing assistance payments and manage incremental rent transitions and all of the associated payment processes
  • Produce required DHAP paperwork for ink or e-signature
  • Quickly perform assessments and complete damage inspections in the field using mobile iPad-based inspection system
  • Online management of CDBG-DR programs including custom assessments, inspections, work write-ups, repairs, funding and reporting


We have a dedicated team standing by to answer your questions: 888-484-2779 option 4 or email us at