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“It’s great software and good people providing support.”
— (J.S., New Jersey)

Make your office HAPPY! Our powerful Housing Pro™ software includes everything you need to streamline your work and save staff time. It’s the complete and friendly housing software solution for Section 8 and Public Housing agencies of every size. You won’t believe how easy it is to use and what it can do for you.

Tarrant County HAO Director tells how Housing Pro
has helped their Agency.

Managing Your Program Has Never Been Easier

Security and Quality Control:

Impressive role-based privilege system provides oversight over all major actions in the software to ensure security and control.

Comprehensive Audit Trail:

Monitor all user activity so you can catch small problems before they become big. Every change to case files can be seen in real-time by user, date, time and by searching on the contents of the before or after data.

Multiple Agency Support:

Easily manage multiple agencies with separate funding, letterheads and contact information. Includes automatic, geographic-specific look-up of Income Limits, Payment Standards, and FMRs.

At-A-Glance Dashboards:

Get organized with module-specific graphic dashboards displaying pending and overdue appointments, tasks, reexaminations, verifications and other key indicators. Available as grand totals or broken out by staff member.

Comprehensive Case Files:

Quickly access historical data directly from the tenant record, including all correspondence, documents, PIC submissions, EIV Income Reports, inspections, and accounting activity.

Simple EIV Compliance:

Cut the time it takes to gather and file EIV data by as much as 90% with our automated EIV data collection tool. In two clicks, you can view and file an income report for any tenant in your program.

Instant Organization:

Always meet deadlines with integrated sticky notes, task tracking, assignment of tasks, and email integration for sending quick reminders.

Configurable Value Lists & Menus:

Tailor the software to the way you work, not the reverse. Setup module allows users to configure options for advanced features including custom value lists, user-defined fields, and agency-specific forms and letters.

Remote Accessibility:

Using industry-standard technology, remote users can access data in real-time, eliminating duplicate data entry and the need to transfer files. Data input is fast, 50058 validations are supported on-the-fly, and reporting is centralized to ensure tight control over the system.

Easy Letter Production:

Custom batch letter production without the cost or hassle of Microsoft Word integration! Quickly produce letters and emails to your applicants, tenants, and owners directly from Housing Pro. All letters are printed on your personalized letterhead and every correspondence is automatically saved to history for reference.

One-Click Form Production:

Users will never fill out a HUD form by hand again! Housing Pro comes installed with more than 100 forms, including some HUD forms in both English and Spanish, all of which print fully-filled out with a click of the mouse. You can even easily add your own custom forms.

Quick Reporting:

Spend less time creating reports and more time understanding your housing program. Produce an infinite number of reports out of Housing Pro, using our one-click reporting, ad-hoc query-by-example system, and integrated Report Writer components. Many of the most commonly used reports, including SEMAP, PHAS and VMS reports, are produced with simply a click of a button.

Eliminate Paper Files:

Never search the office for a paper file folder again! Housing Pro offers a full-featured document imaging system at a price well below third-party systems. All forms print with a bar code, identifying the associated tenant, caseworker, and even the HUD action. When the document comes back to the office, the form is simply scanned and Housing Pro will automatically associate that document image with the appropriate case-specialist and file. All scanned paper documents can be shredded, eliminating the need for filing cabinets!