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Securely manage your Agency’s payments, receivables, direct deposit, and 1099s with Housing Pro’s integrated accounting modules. Housing Pro optionally provides real-time integration with the QuickBooks® Accounting system.



Payments will change the way you think about printing HAP checks! Accurately perform your check run in a timely manner, all while users continue to work in the software. And with smart features such as our automated print jam recovery, you will never have to rerun an entire batch of checks again.

1099s and Payment History

Eliminate the end-of-the-year hassle of preparing your 1099s by printing the 1099 forms directly or by submitting them electronically to the IRS FIRE system. Save hours of work by producing customized payment reports with just one-click, including the required VMS report.


Our user-friendly receivables program allows even non-accounting staff to effortlessly collect rents, create charges and invoices, and handle credits. Easily track portability and utilize the extensive reporting capabilities to produce all required reports.

Add-On Accounting Modules

Direct Deposit

Reduce costs and save staff time! The Direct Deposit module allows agencies to easily create the ACH file that directly deposits funds from the bank into the owners’ account. Optionally provide your owner’s payment statements online using HAPCheck and save up to $1.35 per check by eliminating printing, processing and postage.

QuickBooks® Connector

Housing accounting has never been this easy or flexible! HAPPY provides secure, real-time integration with the powerful QuickBooks® Accounting System. With the QuickBooks Connector, agencies can post all of the housing specific accounting managed in Housing Pro to Quickbooks using the easy synchronization wizard. With QuickBooks, you can have greater insight into how you are performing, improve accuracy, and save time.