Other Services

Utility Schedules

Eliminate the hassle of preparing your Utility Schedules! Calculating your Utility Schedule can be a time-consuming and complicated process. Fortunately, HAPPY Software has developed a service that makes creating and updating Utility Schedules easy, convenient and reliable.

For over 18 years, Section 8 Agencies have used our low-cost service to accurately meet their Utility Schedule requirements. We have a database of over 2,000 units and are confident in our ability to predict average utility consumption.

What We Do
We contact your Utility Companies directly and conduct a survey of their rates, including adjustment factors and taxes, determine local weather patterns, and apply the data to our consumption database.

What You Will Receive
Accurate Utility Allowance Schedules (form HUD-52667) for all Section 8 unit types and supporting documents, including Utility Rate Data, Consumption Summary Report, and Rate and Consumption Report.

HCV Assistance Estimator

Eliminate the uncertainty involved with calculating a tenant subsidy in advance. The Housing Choice Voucher Assistance Estimator is a free tool provided by HAPPY that allows Agencies to estimate the Maximum Rent to Owner, or the highest amount the tenant can pay under the Choice Voucher program. Simply fill in a few fields and the rest of the form will automatically calculate.

Download Estimator

Custom Programming

Tailor the software to meet your needs! HAPPY provides custom programming services to add agency-specific functionality, reports, or forms right to Housing Pro. Pre-programming assessment, extensive testing and user documentation are all provided to ensure you can start using the custom components right away.

Online Data Backup

Sleep better knowing your most valuable asset, your data, is protected. DataCheck is the low-cost, web-based data backup and recovery service from HAPPY that creates an off-site backup of your Housing Pro data, protecting you against server crashes, viruses, theft and natural disasters.