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“All the paperwork for the interview with the family to the submission of the files to MTCS is readily available at your fingertips, literally. The custom forms module and finding clients by any field or multiple fields is such a time-saver with large tasks.”
— (E.R., New Jersey)

HAPPY offers a suite of low-cost, web-based services, designed especially for housing authorities to reduce workload, save money, and provide better communication with Applicants, Tenants and Owners. All of these services are available online, whether you are a HAPPY client or not, and there is no special hardware or software to buy, no complicated web servers to setup, nothing to configure – we will do it all for you!

Cutting Edge Web Technology

Assistance ConnectFully-configurable web-based service that puts you in control. Allow your tenants, property owners and applicants to find answers, submit requests, and update their information the easy way.


WaitListCheckEliminate long lines, weeks of data entry and endless phone calls with the most effective web solution for application management.


HAPCheckSecure system for posting owner’s payment statements online, saving $1.35 per check by eliminating the need to print, stuff, and mail statements when using Direct Deposit.


TenantCheckThe ideal, cost-effective way to combat tenant fraud. Receive free and immediate results. Join the 2,900 agencies already using this award-winning system.